Monday, February 18, 2008

Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven shows many thematic elements found in other well known movies by Scott like Gladiator with notable skill in Scott's use of visual and sound effects to emphasize emotions and significance of scenes.
From a visual aspect, Scott continually uses slow motion and dramatic visual effects to emphasize the dramatic tone of the scene. He uses this in Kingdom of Heaven frequently during battle scenes for a cool violence look too which is very Ridley Scott-esk as seen in his other films. This shot technique almost forces us to slow down and pay attention to the details instead of hastly trying to comprehend whats going on in the massive action scene.
Scott also uses a type of muting in the sound the simulate a feeling of seperation from the scene going on around the character, almost like an out of body experience, which takes the viewer out of the mayhem as well for a second.
Wether it be visual or auditory techniques, Ridley Scott displays his direction style in Kingdom of Heaven in full swing without a doubt.


Jake D said...

I noticed the typical Ridley Scott techniques such as slow motion in Kingdom of Heaven. Kingdom of Heaven was the first Ridley Scott movie I ever saw, so I have the same view of Scott's "typical" techniques like slow motion. It helps duering the fight scenes that it slows down letting you see the details. The muting of scenes helps me pay attention to the facial expressions of the characters and also creates a dramatic effect for me.

Will P said...

I also felt that Ridley Scott did a great job with the slow motion and muting, but that kind of thing is kind of the norm now. When he used it in Gladiator, it was like "Whoa! Cool!" Here, it's like, "Alright. That's fine." I kind of wish he'd tried something different with the flow of the fights.