Sunday, October 21, 2007

A seperated but connected community

1) CYG10-21-07
2) Culture
3) -Proximity: youth groups in the surrounding area
-Prominence: youth leaders are well known in their respective groups and communities, which would give the readers a very good chance of being able to relate
-Other(emotional): many of the communities in these churches are very emotionally and spiritually involved with their groups
4) The story will be about the differences in environment and angles as far as the teaching is concerned. Many misconceptions surround certain youth groups thoughts and attitudes toward other groups.
5) I will contact the youth leaders of some of the surround youth groups in churches in the area. I will also interview many of the participants in these youth groups.
6) The kind of church, and the general angle of how things are run in the different groups
7) How teaching methods and environments differ between different churchs. Why some of the misconceptions come about. When different groups meet.
8) Pictures of the services, the kids who are participating in the group
9) The individual churchs and leaders
10) Most youth services happen on wednesday nights, so it will take a few weeks to complete the observations and story

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