Sunday, October 21, 2007

New senior lunch priviledges; stricter and enforced

1) SLP10-21-07
2) Features
3) -proximity: involved with the high school, seniors in particular
-conflict: if juniors feel that since they have drivers licenses too, that they should have the same priviledges
- other(progress): this is a change from the existant, but not enforced rules of previous years
4) The story will be about the new regulations and priviledges laid out for the senior class of 2008 at the highschool. Previously open lunch has technically been for seniors only but this rule was disregarded and underclassmen were leaving at their leisure. Now this new rule has cracked down on the open lunch policy and has stirred up some disgruntled emotions from juniors who also have drivers licenses
5) I would contact the principal in order to ask a few questions about the policy and to request the name of the security personnel who are posted at the school entrance from time to time. I would also ask a few juniors and seniors what their opinions are on the policy.
6) The exact rule from the policy book of the school
7) Why they put this policy in place, when it was decided upon, how long it is intended to be in effect, who will be enforcing it full time? The standard who, what, where, when, why
8) The security personnel posted at the entrance, pictures of seniors displaying the passes to leave
9) Security personnel and students
10) Getting a meeting scheduled with the security personnel

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