Sunday, March 9, 2008

Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk was probably my favorite of the 3 films that we watched for the Ridley Scott director study. This is probably accredited to the modern-day warfare and military aspect of the story and the setting of the conflict.
The first thing I noticed was the non-diagetic sound, alot of music was used during this film that wasn't necessarily a score or strictly instrumental. As an example, when the black hawk helicopters were taking off voodoo child came on and played throughout the sequence on the way to the Bacqueratt market.
Scott also used a fire-hosing camera technique (handheld), to enhance the effect of chaos and stress on the soldiers.


Jake D said...

I liked the nondiegetic music Scott picked for this film. It went well with the story. The heavy rock music went well with all of the fighting. I like the way Scott has the background noise intensified so you still hear it over the music. For example, when there's music you can still hear people's footsteps.

Will P said...

I completely agree with your comment on the effects of the handheld camera. It definitely helped reinforce chaos and stress in those scenes, even if it got a bit frustrating at times. My only real complaint with it is that the motion felt very unnatural; I was being uncomfortably forced to look in strange angles, and we weren't able to see much outside the focus of those shots.