Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A little somethin about edina

One of the things that goes unnoticed in a town like edina is the performing music aspect. A huge part of some of the churchs, community centers and theaters in edina is the live music performances and shows that go on all the time. Unfortunately these venues, shows, and musicians are not well known and very often to the common citizen's knowledge, don't even exist. Many of these performances are based in churchs and public sites around the area. I play in the band at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, we perform sunday mornings and wednesday evenings. I also know of church music groups in churchs around the area like St. Patricks Catholic Church on Valley View Rd. and Christ Presbeterian Church by highway 100. A more low key and relaxed environment can be found at The Depot coffee show on Excelsion Blvd. in Hopkins by highway 169. As far as types and genres of music, they are as varied and diverse as someone could imagine. You coudl be at a show listening to anything from jazz, to punk, to hardcore and screamo. All the same, music and musical performances are a large part of the lives of many students and youth in the area who have deep roots in the area's music scene.


Mr. Hatten said...

Ryan. Cool picture on your blog. It's a nice touch. Your posting was a great topic and well-written, but I want to know a little more about the venues -- where are they? What are they named? What kind of music do they have? Make sure you're not leaving your reader with any questions.

Grace said...

You're so right about all of these unknown venues. Although the Depot isn't my favorite place in the world, it does offer just about anyone the opportunity to play there. The picture is gorgeous by the way.

Tyler's Blog said...

I agree that alot of music goes unoticed in edina. Hell, i can admit im guilty myself. It seems that the only music anyone in edina seems to go see are the big shows of bands everyone knows. I don't really see any venues as small as in churches, but i have gone to see plenty of lesser known bands. Thanks for the post I'll have to go see more of these shows, and you'll have to tell me exactly what time your band plays.